Recruitment of future employees

Staffing can in some cases become a decisive factor in the success of a company. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

At Sfera Bemanning we are specialists in this field and have built our business on the basis of personnel selection and recruitment services in various industries.

Recruitment for various industries

Our staffing company is focused on several industries such as factory work, transport, construction and healthcare.

We have strong foundations in areas such as teamwork and driver services, as well as experience in construction, cleaning and nursing recruitment. Independently from the industry, we have the resources to meet your specific staffing needs.

When staffing is a smart decision?

  • When you want to thoroughly research staffing needs without recruiting.
  • When replacement workers are urgently needed in case of unplanned absence.
  • When it is planned to replace employees on vacation with replacement employees.
  • When it is necessary to replace permanent employees who are on parental leave.
  • When trying to adapt the workforce flexibly depending on the season.

Longer or shorter tasks for more variety

We understand that the needs of different companies and industries can vary greatly.

At Sfera Bemanning, we are flexible and tailor our staffing service to your needs, be it longer working hours or shorter assignments. For those who need to fill seasonal vacancies or in projects of variable duration, we have qualified candidates ready to come to help.

We always strive for the most efficient staff possible.

Difference between recruitment and selection

It is important to clarify the difference between recruitment and selection. Both concepts are very important to ensure that companies have the right personnel, but their goals and methods are different.


Recruitment is the temporary filling of vacancies with competent and quality candidates. It can be for short-term projects, seasonal needs or temporary work.

Recruitment companies like Sfera Bemanning have a wide network of candidates who can come in and fill positions quickly, and it makes it easier for employers.


Selection is a long-term process of finding permanent employees. Here, the employer is looking for the right person for a long-term position in the company.

The selection process involves a thorough assessment and interview of candidates to find the best fit for the company and its long-term goals.

This is how recruitment takes place in Sfera

Our recruitment process at Sfera Bemanning is thorough and structured. This is how we help employers and employees find each other for the right job.

We start by clarifying the company’s needs and specific requirements. We need to specify what positions need to be filled and how long the task will last. The company may need to bring in replacement workers for quick compensation or, for temporary work, a consultant is needed because the permanent staff is on sick leave or something similar.

At Sfera, we invest in talented and hard-working candidates who can work for shorter or longer periods and replace permanent employees in case of absence or parental leave.

We mainly specialize in the transport sector, but also in healthcare, logistics, factories, construction, agriculture and industrial areas.

The idea of staffing is to quickly find the right candidate for the job, so that the employer does not need time-consuming interviews and long processes that are required for normal work.

As each task is unique, you only need to pass it on to us and we will find the most suitable candidate for you. We select, interview and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the assignment.

Once the right candidate is found, we put them on the job and you get a chance to see how you work together. Because we are known for selecting people who know what they are doing and take their work very seriously, the clients of the companies that hire us are very satisfied.

We carefully monitor how our candidates work in their workplaces and we are always ready to change something or find a new candidate, taking into account the requirements. Our goal is to ensure that both employers and employees are satisfied.

International recruitment that shrinks the world

Sfera Bemanning has established itself as a recruitment partner on an international scale. By offering a platform to employers and employees from different countries of the world, we contribute to reducing distances and opening doors to the global labour market.

Our employees mainly come from the Baltic countries, but of course we also have job seekers and candidates from Sweden. All our employees have social insurance in Sweden and work according to a collective agreement.

We mainly recruit in Skåne, Gothenburg and Helsingborg but of course we aim to do it all over Sweden when there is a need. As a growing staffing company, we like to develop and take you and us to new levels.

A staffing company must be flexible

Flexibility is a key recruitment factor at Sfera. We fully understand that companies are constantly faced with changing needs and challenges.

Flexibility is a key recruitment factor at Sfera. We fully understand that companies are constantly faced with changing needs and challenges.

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