Selection can be both frustrating and time-consuming. At Sfera Bemanning we build bridges between employers and jobseekers to contribute to better business performance in society. Our focus is on the competence of our candidates and we strive to find optimal matches that also lead to long-term relationships.

Our focus is on the competence of our candidates and we strive to find optimal matches that also lead to long-term relationships.

From Lithuania

Sfera Bemanning is a staffing agency from Lithuania and more than 80% of our employees are from the Baltic countries.

This means that many of our candidates feel safe in terms of language and Swedish business clients are very satisfied with them. We know how important it is to have the right person in the right place, and that is exactly what we offer.

Quality candidates for multiple industries

Sfera Bemanning has grown and developed over the years. In our activities, we aim to provide quality candidates for various industries. 

In our network of candidates and employers, we see interest and a particular focus on factory staff and drivers, but also the construction sector, transport companies and cargo companies as well need a competent workforce. 

Now we are also entering the healthcare sector and helping healthcare facilities find the right healthcare staff. For us, the key is always the same: finding the people who fit your company’s needs perfectly.

For you as an employer

We help employers make the right selection to find the right candidate at the right time. As an employer, your goal is to simplify the selection process and save time and resources. With our large network of competence-based candidates, you can be sure that you will get highly qualified people who are right for your organisation.

Competence-based selection process

When you choose to cooperate with Sfera Bemanning, you can be sure that we have a structured and competence-based recruitment process that is designed to meet your needs.

Our work always starts with a detailed understanding of your recruitment needs. We want to know exactly what qualifications, skills and qualities you are looking for in a candidate. This allows us to create a recruitment strategy tailored to you.

We use various channels to reach potential candidates. Our wide network and contacts allow us to attract highly qualified people to your company. We ensure that the candidates we offer meet your requirements and expectations.

Every application and CV is carefully reviewed by our team. We follow a strict selection process and assess candidates’ skills and personal qualities through tests and interviews. We also take into account previous experience and references.

We introduce the most promising candidates to you and your organization. You will have the opportunity to meet them and evaluate whether they are the right choice for you. We are here to facilitate your decision by offering our experience and support.

Once you have chosen and the new employee starts working, our commitment continues. We make sure that everything goes smoothly. We want your new employee to feel good and work successfully in your organization.

For you as a job seeker

We are a recruitment company that connects you as a jobseeker with the right employer. If you need a job in transport, healthcare, logistics and construction, we at Sfera can point you in the right direction.

We shorten the selection process so that you have the opportunity to find a job quickly. You can either upload your CV on our website or you can go to our Facebook page or our Instagram page and search for relevant job ads.

Over 10 years of experience in international recruitment

At Sfera Bemanning, experience and hard work are highly valued.

We have been working in the field of staffing for more than 10 years and over the years we have seen many companies benefit from Swedish and foreign labor. Most of our job seekers are from the Baltic countries, such like Lithuania, although of course we are open to job seekers, no matter where you are from.

Our goal is to help companies grow, create new job opportunities for people and promote business development for both companies and their employees.

Sfera is a piece of the whole selection puzzle

The selection of candidates is always based not only on competence and experience, but also on customer satisfaction.

When we match a candidate with an employer, it often happens that the same employer hires the same person over and over again, because the cooperation goes so well.

We offer both local and national selection

Although we are active all over the country, we especially specialize in recruitment in southern and western Sweden. Contact us if you need local recruitment in Skåne, Helsingborg or Gothenburg.

How can we help you?

Contact us or send a business inquiry online.

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